May 19, 2013

Topics for Exam on 27/05

Vocabulary on natural disasters.
Noun and verb phrases expansions
Clauses :  Definintion and types.
Compound, complex and compound-complex sentences
News reports style and the use of the passive voice.
Narrative writing
These are roughly the topics that will be assessed in your exams on the 27th. For the narrative writing section, you must also have in mind the appropriate use of the preposition patterns from the notes I gave you, and descriptive vocabulary, which we worked on mainly in the description of the «The Impossible» movie scene and the Vocabulary Mural for «The Moving Finger».
Good luck, and see you on Wednesday for review!



May 17, 2013

The moving finger – Vocabulary mural

Here’s a link to our group mural! Use it to polish up your assignments for next Wednesday. Remember that your work must be presentable in terms of layout or I won’t accept it!



May 3, 2013

Instructions for 03/05 Classwork

Group work: Get together in groups of 3.

Go to one of the following links and choose an article which you find interesting.

What you have to do is read the article carefully and work on the vocabulary:

Mark what you consider to be the key words in the article and look up any new words in the Merriam Webster dictionary online (

Make a google doc entitled: Vocabulary Classwork: Articles in the news and your names. In this document you will record the progress of your work. That is, if you look for the word «blunder», your document should contain an entry such as this:

Blunder: vb to make a mistake through stupidity, ignorance, or carelessness.

example: The government blundered by not acting sooner.

In the same document, after your vocabulary list, write an imaginary article using the words which you recorded in your list. Don’t forget about the heading and any pictures which you think would enhance the article. The article should be between 200-250 words.

Once you have finished, share the Google doc with me on my email address: and I will upload your work on the blog.


Good luck, everyone!



Abr 26, 2013

Five Basic Public Speaking tips

What are the five tips?

Enjoy this short video and listen to the clarity of the speaker’s accent!



Abr 26, 2013

Dare to expand your vocabulary!

Good and Bad are wishy washy options.

Abr 26, 2013

The impossible – Tsunami scene description

What happened in this scene? Think about the descriptive language from the notes on Wordbuilder. Pay attention to the sounds, the shapes, the movement. Remember to be generous with your language! Don’t forget that feeling of mounting suspense. You have one week to leave your comment. 3-4 sentences.



Abr 26, 2013

Steps for writing a good Letter to the editor