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Oct 22, 2013

Virtual Moc correction guide

Here you will find the correction guide for your Virtual Moc. Still, read my comments, you can trust me.



Sep 22, 2013

Diary/Journal entries revision notes

Senior 4!

We are now in the final countdown. We’ll be working with MOCS more often. Read these notes and example on Diary/Journal entries for Wednesday 25/09.

Diary entries revision notes

diaryandjournal entries

Ago 29, 2013


Here’s the correction guide for you to compare to your own written texts!

Correction guide.Nepal’s honey hunters

Jul 31, 2013

Summary Writing Process by Cambridge

S4! A basic skill that you must take good care to polish up! Summary Writing. This attachment is very useful, more so for having been drafted by Cambridge examiners, so if you want to make a good impression, you know… read it!


Remember that for Friday you must select and list the relevant information from the text we worked on in class, (Text9A) plus the vocabulary hunt. I want contextual synonyms for all words.