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Nov 14, 2013

Senior 4 – Período de orientación, evaluación y promoción – cierre diciembre 2013

PLAN DE TRABAJO: Instrumentación para el período de orientación, evaluación y promoción – cierre diciembre 2013 – Plan de trabajo 4to año

Esquema de contenidos nodales para el período de orientación, evaluación y promoción – cierre diciembrqe 2013 – Esquema de Contenidos para el Período de Orientación.2014

Ejercitación correspondiente al 1° Trimestre: Attachment Language Term 1

Ejercitación correspondiente al 2° Trimestre: Attachment Language Term 2

Ejercitación correspondiente al 3° Trimestre: Attachment Language Term 3


Oct 22, 2013

Virtual Moc correction guide

Here you will find the correction guide for your Virtual Moc. Still, read my comments, you can trust me.



Sep 22, 2013

Diary/Journal entries revision notes

Senior 4!

We are now in the final countdown. We’ll be working with MOCS more often. Read these notes and example on Diary/Journal entries for Wednesday 25/09.

Diary entries revision notes

diaryandjournal entries

Sep 6, 2013

Discursive/Argumentative writing

Discursive and Argumentative writing

Hello S4 students!

We have now read and talked about the layout and structure of Discursive and Argumentative essays. We went through the notes and you have examples you can read and analyse to help you as a guide to your own writing. So now it is your turn! Your assignment is to write a Discursive or an Argumentative essay on ONE of the following topics:

Capital Punishment

Shcool Uniform

Animal rights

Nuclear power as an alternative energy source

The importance of art in education


Observe that I am only proposing a list of topics, NOT a list of possible titles. I will NOT accept topics as titles for your essays.

You MUST formulate either a motion or a statement in relation to the topics, e.g. «The city should open a public hospital for pets», (as a statement for an argumentative essay), or «Is Nuclear Power our best option in the search for alternative energy sources?» (as a proposition for a discursive essay)

Remember to use the viewpoints (historical, social, economic, moral, religious, logical, etc. any viewpoint that helps you organize your ideas)

TURN IN DATE IS 18/09. That means, our next class, which is in 12 days’ time.



Ago 29, 2013


Here’s the correction guide for you to compare to your own written texts!

Correction guide.Nepal’s honey hunters

Ago 23, 2013

MOC home practice

And here we go! Time indications are on the papers. There is nothing to clarify if you read the instructions carefully! Use a watch! Be on the alert for more practice MOCs!



Paper 2. Reading passages. June 2013


Jul 31, 2013

Summary Writing 2.0


  1. How do you feel about robots? Do you think they should be made to look and behave as humanly as possible? What should they be used for? What are the advantages and disadvantages of their having been invented?
  2. Read Text10A and say in one sentence what it is about.
  3. Research: What features are characteristic of advertising style? Find examples of advertising style and vocabulary in the text and explain what effect they have in this context.
  4. Write a one-paragraph TV or magazine advertisement for Wakamaru.
  5. Complete Worksheet for text 10A.
  6. Read  Text10B and make a chart of two columns to state the similarities and differences between the two texts in content and style.
  7. Write one complex sentence in your own words describing how the humanoid robotic head is able to copy human facial expressions. (Be attentive to accuracy and concision)
  8. Write a brief (200-220 words) summary about the benefits and drawbacks of owning Wakamaru or Jules.









Jul 31, 2013

Summary Writing Process by Cambridge

S4! A basic skill that you must take good care to polish up! Summary Writing. This attachment is very useful, more so for having been drafted by Cambridge examiners, so if you want to make a good impression, you know… read it!


Remember that for Friday you must select and list the relevant information from the text we worked on in class, (Text9A) plus the vocabulary hunt. I want contextual synonyms for all words.


May 19, 2013

Topics for Exam on 27/05

Vocabulary on natural disasters.
Noun and verb phrases expansions
Clauses :  Definintion and types.
Compound, complex and compound-complex sentences
News reports style and the use of the passive voice.
Narrative writing
These are roughly the topics that will be assessed in your exams on the 27th. For the narrative writing section, you must also have in mind the appropriate use of the preposition patterns from the notes I gave you, and descriptive vocabulary, which we worked on mainly in the description of the «The Impossible» movie scene and the Vocabulary Mural for «The Moving Finger».
Good luck, and see you on Wednesday for review!



May 17, 2013

The moving finger – Vocabulary mural

Here’s a link to our group mural! Use it to polish up your assignments for next Wednesday. Remember that your work must be presentable in terms of layout or I won’t accept it!



Abr 26, 2013

The impossible – Tsunami scene description

What happened in this scene? Think about the descriptive language from the notes on Wordbuilder. Pay attention to the sounds, the shapes, the movement. Remember to be generous with your language! Don’t forget that feeling of mounting suspense. You have one week to leave your comment. 3-4 sentences.