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Oct 8, 2013

Time capsule – Group discussion

What do you feel represents you best, as a generation, if you had to put 5 items in a Time Capsule? Follow the video – activity. Click on the link.

On Friday 11/10 we will be mirroring this discussion. Remember: To do well, you must PARTICIPATE.

Speaking activity – group discussion


What are the guidelines which the the tutor gives in order to do well in a group discussion?



Sep 21, 2013

Environmental issues 4.0

Finally, the VIOLET team will close the environmental issues vocabulary hunt. Due date is Friday 27/09. Remember to post the glossary as a comment beneath this post, don’t send it by mail.

japan nuclear report tapescript

Sep 17, 2013

Environmental issues 3.0

And here we are! Back to the round of environmental issues vocabulary hunt. This time it’s the GREEN team’s turn! Listen and pay attention. Provide the glossary specified in the file after the tapescript. Due date is Friday 20/09.


Rainforest tapescript and glossary

Ago 21, 2013

Environmental issues 2.0 – Activity


Report number 2. Topic: Food waste. PINK TEAM: Listen and follow the tapescript below. Pay attention to the words in bold and provide the complete glossary on a comment below.

Food waste tapescript



Ago 15, 2013

Environmental issues – Activity

Here´s a news report delivered by a journalist with an unusual accent. Follow the report on the tapescript below and see the vocabulary on the second page.

china green industries text tapescript

Fill out the vocabulary chart. It is glossary related to environmental issues. This time around, the ORANGE team must upload the complete glossary for this particular text as a comment below, for WEDNESDAY 21/08.  Next report´s glossary will be in charge of a different team. Let´s begin!



Abr 10, 2013

Writing a summary – Things to bear in mind

In the following file, you will find some basic concepts to bear in mind when writing a summary.

Writing a Summary