Nov 24, 2013

Speaking assignment


I hope you had a good trip on your retirement days. Those of you who did NOT choose a book from the lending library:

Since we don’t have time  for all of you present your oral assignment, I am going to ask you to do it on video. It is very simple.

You have to record yourselves giving the presentation  with your phone videocamera, or one of your friends’ phones if yours does not have a camera. The video should not be longer than 5 minutes.

Upload it to YouTube or  Vimeo.

Here is a tutorial on how to upload a video  in case you need help.

In the privacy settings, remember to set it as Public or Private but not Unlisted or I won’t be able to see it. For the tags, write «Speaking Skills», «Senior 2″, » Las Cumbres 2013″.

Email the link to your presentation to for Thursday 28/11 at the latest.

This coming week is our last week to do it.

Those of you who DID choose a book from the lending library: I will be listening to you this Wednesday!

See you soon!

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