Oct 30, 2013

Classwork 30/10

Good afternoon once more, S2!

Today, you will be choosing an article from the BBC Words in the News website.

Your instructions are:

1. Choose an article that appeals to your interest from the list «News stories» and read it carefully (15 minutes). Be careful NOT to choose from the list titles Video Stories.

2. Summarise the article. You may use a word document or do it on paper. REMEMBER the guidelines for writing a  Summary.

3. Conduct a google search to look for related articles and expand your information on the subject.

At this point, you will post as a comment underneath, the article that you choose and a link to at least one related article.

Develop an opinion on the topic. Remember that, by this time, giving an opinion is not just saying: «I think this is good/bad». To provide an opinion that others want to listen to, you must suppport it. Provide evidence, explain your reasons, use rhetorical questions.

4. Write an opinion essay related to the article. You will send this essay by mail to msaenz@lascumbres.edu.ar before Friday 08/11.


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