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Ago 29, 2013


Here’s the correction guide for you to compare to your own written texts!

Correction guide.Nepal’s honey hunters

Ago 28, 2013

Subordinating Conjunctions

Make use of practice resources!

Subordinating conjunctions quiz

Ago 23, 2013

MOC home practice

And here we go! Time indications are on the papers. There is nothing to clarify if you read the instructions carefully! Use a watch! Be on the alert for more practice MOCs!



Paper 2. Reading passages. June 2013


Ago 21, 2013

Environmental issues 2.0 – Activity


Report number 2. Topic: Food waste. PINK TEAM: Listen and follow the tapescript below. Pay attention to the words in bold and provide the complete glossary on a comment below.

Food waste tapescript



Ago 15, 2013

Environmental issues – Activity

Here´s a news report delivered by a journalist with an unusual accent. Follow the report on the tapescript below and see the vocabulary on the second page.

china green industries text tapescript

Fill out the vocabulary chart. It is glossary related to environmental issues. This time around, the ORANGE team must upload the complete glossary for this particular text as a comment below, for WEDNESDAY 21/08.  Next report´s glossary will be in charge of a different team. Let´s begin!



Ago 14, 2013

Debate on Nuclear energy

You saw the video and then you read the tapescript. Now that some days have gone by, go back to this topic and consider your own opinion.

Take another look at the Pros & Cons Chart you filled out (Pre debate planning Step 1) Add anything new you may have come up with. Remember to categorize by «viewpoints» (see the discussion clock).

Then, have a look at the following Chart and try to expand your arguments as suggested.

Pre Debate Planning Step 2

Bring both charts on Friday 16th and we will divide the class for debate according to your standpoints. THE CHARTS MUST BE HANDED IN AT THE END OF THE CLASS.

Here’s the TED Talk link:

Does the world need Nuclear Energy?